Catriona Yule Douglas W. Gray

Judith Taylor Haworth Hodgkinson

Helen Elizabeth Ramsey Knotbrook Taylor

Knotbrook Taylor Helen Elizabeth Ramsey

Haworth Hodgkinson Judith Taylor

Douglas W. Gray Catriona Yule

Thirsty Lunch at the Edinburgh Fringe

Saturday 19 August 2006
The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh

Knotbrook Taylor, Catriona Yule and Haworth Hodgkinson, the founding members of the Blue Salt Collective, were joined at The Jazz Bar in Edinburgh by guest poets Helen Elizabeth Ramsey, Judith Taylor and Douglas W. Gray for their first ever public performance. The show formed part of Thirsty Lunch at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Music was provided by Haworth Hodgkinson, and technical support by Cal Wallace.

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