The Man with the Silver Eye

The Man with the
Silver Eye

Cal Wallace

ISBN 978-0-9555347-5-1

The Man with the Silver Eye

Launched 24 September 2010
Grassic Gibbon Centre, Arbuthnott
New Words 2010

Cal Wallace and guest readers – Haworth Hodgkinson, Keith Murray, Morag Skene, Gráinne Smith and Catriona Yule – read from his debut short story collection The Man with the Silver Eye at its launch event at the Grassic Gibbon Centre.

In these sinister and sensitive tales of human fallibility, Cal Wallace will delight you with his easy wit and astonish you with his festering imagination. You will squirm at the devious ways he finds to thwart his characters' attempts to play the hand he deals them, then gasp as the characters fight back with equally devious schemes of revenge. [Haworth Hodgkinson]

Launch event reviewed by Gay Halley

Launch event photos by Grant Fraser

Cal Wallace
Cal Wallace on stage

As an interested outsider who decided to come to the performance only half an hour beforehand I didn't know what to expect. I thought the performances were riveting.

It was for me very like being in a small intimate theatre, with excellent and captivating performances from everyone. Each and every story had such an individual stamp on its delivery and the stories were pretty good too!

I liked the way the performers were introduced too with recorder music. My one and only bit of criticism is that, especially at the beginning, the recorder music sounded a bit ‘school recorderish’, however I liked the idea very much and loved the grand daddy recorder.

All in all excellent! A fine night!

Keith Murray
Keith Murray on stage

The audience
The attentive audience

The Author

Cal Wallace

Cal Wallace manifested on Earth to become a famous novelist. However due to cosmic interference he was downgraded to little-known short-storyist. He first burst onto the scene a decade ago. No-one noticed. He'll burst again one day. Perhaps, with the wind in his favour....


Cal Wallace
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